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 Vito Remote v4.3

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MesazhTitulli: Vito Remote v4.3   Fri May 02, 2008 2:46 pm

Vito Remote v4.3

VITO Remote is universal remote control software for your Pocket PC.
With VITO Remote, you can use your PDA as an all-in one IR remote console to operate TV, VCR, DVD, karaoke, home theater and anything else including garage gates and video camera.

VITO Remote is easy to program and use, and with its new voice control capabilities you can even control your home and office equipment with your voice!

CCF files support allows downloading settings for your equipment from the internet, and even use the original remote controls' interface!

>> Customizable hardware buttons
Map on-screen buttons to hardware buttons of your Pocket PC to remote control your electronics without switching to VITO Remote or working with backlight off.
>> Function keys: recording macros
Standard remote control buttons are extended with a set of 12 additional function keys. Use them to assign a sequence of signals to them and apply it with just a single tap! (e.g., Turn ON > Switch to CH 128 > Record)
>> "Rotate buttons" option
You can turn the interface in any direction: extremely useful for Toshiba e740/e750 and other devices that have Infrared port on the side!
>> Supports many devices at once
You can have all your TVs, VCRs and DVD players together inside VITO Remote. Forget about lots of remotes that get always lost!


>> CCF support
CCF is short for Command Configuration Files. CCF are profiles for universal remote controls, they include IR codes and interface settings. You can download hundreds of CCF files for free at www.remotecentral.com. VITO Remote allows you to use CCF files on your Pocket PC! Simply copy the .ccf file to the /Devices folder and select it in the menu "Manage devices".

>> Fully programmable
Each button of the interface can be programmed manually according to the specifications of your TV, DVD an so on. To learn a signal from original remote control, just send it from the remote control (press a correspondging button) to your VITO Remote in the Learning mode. VITO Remote will record all acquired commands and store them in created interface.

>> Voice control
With the brand-new voice control, you don't even need to touch your Pocket PC to switch the channels, raise the volume and playback your favorite DVDs. Just record your voice commands in VITO Remote and start giving orders to your TV! In any language!

>> Draw your interface!
Create your own interface, make it comfortable and stylish! With VITO Remote, you can create and customize on-screen buttons, choose shapes and lables, change colors and set background pictures, bind sounds and more. Make VITO Remote look the way you like!

Intel XScale (series PXA 25x, 26x, 27x) or Samsung (series S3C2410, SC3244x) processor based Pocket PC
Operating System Pocket PC 2003/2003SE/5.0
QVGA, VGA screens (240x320, 320x240, 480x640, 640x480)

Compatible handhelds:
Acer n20
Audiovox Maestro PDA1032
Audiovox Thera
Dell Axim X5
Fujitsu Siemens Loox
HP Jornada 560 Series
iPAQ h1910/h1920
iPAQ h2210/h2215
iPAQ h3900 series
iPAQ h4700
iPAQ h5450/h5500/h5100
NEC MobilePro P300
Qtek 1010
PocketLOOX 720
Audiovox PPC-6700
Sprint PPC-6700
Verizon XV-6700
RoverPC P3
RoverPC P5
RoverPC P6
Samsung i700
Siemens / AT&T Wireless SX56
T-Mobile Phone Edition
Toshiba e350/355
Toshiba e550G
Toshiba E570
Toshiba e740
Toshiba e750/755
Toshiba e800
Toshiba Genio-e
ViewSonic V35
ViewSonic V37
HP iPAQ rx1950 - new
HP iPAQ rx1955 - new
Mitac Mio P350 - new

Note. Other Pocket PC devices not included into the list may also be compatible with VITO Remote.


Download : (1.10 MB)

Pass : www.softarchive.net
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Vito Remote v4.3
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