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 Shut Up and Listen - The Truth about How to Communicate

Shko poshtė 

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MesazhTitulli: Shut Up and Listen - The Truth about How to Communicate   Mon Jul 20, 2009 1:16 pm

Kogan Page Limited | ISBN 0 7494 4024 4 | ENGLISH | PDF | 186 PAGES | 5.32 MB

The truth about… how this book works
‘It seems that if you have an organization with more than about seven people then lines of communication can become extended and messages can become confused.’

Michael Broadbent – Director of Group Corporate Affairs,
HSBC Holdings plc

We are much better communicators when we know more about ourselves, think about how and what we communicate and act according to the changes in our circumstance and environment. These are the principles this book is based on. So, there are three main sections, starting with a short course in self-awareness so that you can find out more about the type of communicator (and person) you are, which is important if you’re going to understand better how your various ‘audiences’ see you. The main part of the book (the second section) is all about ‘how to…’ Lots of business books talk a lot about strategy (the plan), but leave you feeling hungry for tactics (the day-to-day things you have to do to implement it). Here, we think you know your organization’s plan better than we do, so all we’re trying to do is give you advice on the best way to put it into practice. There are five main subsections within ‘how to…’ looking at reading, writing, listening, talking and feeling, where you’ll find tips on everything from how
to persuade your boss to give you a company car, through to the best use of PowerPoint in a formal presentation.
We’re grateful to the experts who contributed to this book; they all did so, giving their own time and experience freely. Lots of the practical stuff comes from them and we’ve added our own case studies and stories that we’ve collected over our own careers in business and education.

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Shut Up and Listen - The Truth about How to Communicate
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