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 AP Chemistry For Dummies

Shko poshtė 

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MesazhTitulli: AP Chemistry For Dummies   Mon Jul 20, 2009 1:09 pm

Wiley Publishing, Inc. | ISBN: 978-0-470-38976-8 | English | PDF | 410 Pages | 77.7 MB

One of the central lessons of chemistry is that the starting and ending points of a reaction don’t have much to do with the business in between. Your journey through AP chemistry is much the same. In the beginning, you decided to take AP chemistry. In the end, you’ll take the AP chemistry exam. These moments are fixed points on the horizon behind you and the horizon in front of you. Time will move you from one point to the other. What you make of the intervening landscape is mostly up to you. But along the way, we’d like to help.

About This Book
The College Board is very clear about the chemistry concepts and problems it wants you to master. The clear guidelines provided by the College Board lie at the heart of this book. We emphasize what the Board emphasizes, and we suspect that those are the very things that you’d like to emphasize as you prepare for the exam. Chemistry is the practical science, which is one reason why a practical attitude permeates this book. We also realize that you’re not simply reading this book — you’re using it for a specific purpose. Your simple, clear goal: to ace the AP Chemistry exam. You want your grasp of chemistry to be just as clear as your goal for the AP exam. This book is here to support your quest for chemistry clarity; think of it as window cleaner for your brain. (Window cleaner is largely an aqueous solution of ammonia, by the way.) The structure of this book largely follows the sequence you might follow in an AP chemistry course, so it lends itself to use as companion text as you go through the course. On the other hand, we have written the book to be quite modular, so you can pick and choose the chapters that interest you in any sequence. Cross-references are provided in any instances where there is must-know information discussed in another chapter. You don’t have to read this thing cover to cover.

What You’re Not to Read
Of course, you can read anything you want to, up to and including the publishing legalese on the opening page. But there are certain bits of the book that are less vital than others, and we alert you to them so you can make efficient decisions about how to spend your reading time. Any text highlighted by the technical stuff icon (see “Icons Used in This Book,” later in this Introduction) is, well, really technical. Now, in a book about chemistry, there’s bound to be an abundance of technical material. But information accompanied by this icon is stuff that you won’t need for the AP exam — though it certainly won’t hurt you to know it! In addition, any material placed within a sidebar is something of an “aside,” items that are relevant and which you may find interesting or helpful, but definitely not required reading. These are items you might peruse as you sip tea and take a short break from hard-core study.

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AP Chemistry For Dummies
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