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 Build Your Own Smart Home

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MesazhTitulli: Build Your Own Smart Home   Mon Jul 20, 2009 1:09 pm

McGraw-Hill/Osborne | ISBN 0-07-223013-4 | English | PDF | 383 Pages | 8.47 MB

You’re probably not alone if you’ve ever had the “Clapper®” jingle stuck in your head. Although “Clap on, Clap off, Clap on, clap off…the Clapper” can become a maddening tune running through your head, the Clapper still has the distinction of being one of the first home automation products. It might not seem inherently “smart,” but it provides a home-friendly function with just the clap of the hands. This book steps beyond the simple functions of the Clapper, introducing you to a number of products that can be used for everything fromcontrolling lighting levels, watering your lawn, closing your drapes, and managing sundry appliances in your home. We start simply, introducing you to some concepts in the world of Smart Home. This includes some of the terminology, an explanation of various products and projects, as well as some design basics. From there, we look at specific projects. Each chapter introduces a new project that you can refer to as you build your own Smart Home. The core of our Smart Home is the
Omni II security system by Home Automation, Inc. This provides not only security functions, but also ties in various X10 devices that can react when an alarm is tripped. While this device is not necessary to complete most of the projects in this book, it does provide an understanding for intermediate and advanced Smart Home projects that would utilize a security system or a home automation system.

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Build Your Own Smart Home
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