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 The Complete Guide to Network Wiring 2nd Ed

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MesazhTitulli: The Complete Guide to Network Wiring 2nd Ed   Mon Jul 20, 2009 1:05 pm

SYBEX Inc. | ISBN: 0-7821-2958-7 | English | PDF | 866 Pages | 9.36 MB

Welcome to the incredibly complex world of premises data-communications cabling. This introduction will tell you a little about how this book came about and how you can use it to your best advantage. Not only does cabling carry the data across your network, it can also carry voice, serial communications, alarm signals, video, and audio transmissions. In the past, people took their cabling systems for granted. However, over the last few years, the Information Technology world has begun to understand the importance of a reliable and well-designed structured cabling system. The past five years have witnessed an explosion in the number of registered structured-cabling installers. The number of people who need to know the basics of cabling has increased dramatically. We had a great time writing this book. In the yearlong process of researching, writing, and editing it, we met many consummate professionals in the cabling business. Many distributors, manufacturers, and cabling contractors provided us with feedback, tips, and in-the-field experiences. During the research phase of the book, we continually reviewed newsgroups, cabling FAQs, and other Internet resources, besides polling Information Technology managers, help-desk staff, network designers, cable installers, and system managers, to find out what people want to know about their cabling system. The answers we received helped us write this book.

About This Book
This book’s topics run the gamut of cabling; they include the following:
• An introduction to data cabling
• Information on cabling standards and how to choose the correct ones
• Cable system and infrastructure constraints
• Cabling-system components
• Tools of the trade
• Copper, fiber-optic, and unbounded media
• Wall plates and cable connectors
• Cabling-system design and installation
• Cable-connector installation
• Cabling-system testing and troubleshooting
• Creating Request for Proposals (RFPs)
• Cabling case studies
A cabling dictionary is included at the end of the book so you can look up unfamiliar terms. Five other appendixes include resources for cabling information, tips on how to get your Registered Communications and Distribution Designer (RCDD) certification, information for the home cabler, a discussion of USB/1394 cabling, and information about ETA’s line of cabling certifications. Finally, a 24-page color insert shows you what various cabling products look like in their “natural environment.”

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The Complete Guide to Network Wiring 2nd Ed
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